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Since 1995 the company RIVAL FLOOR, s.r.o. (Ltd.) pursues an effort to offer for available price quality solutions in the field of industrial floors.

We have reached brilliant results especially in the area of reconditioning floors, sanitation of old and damaged floors. .Especially in this area there are our solutions more favorable because of lower price and short time to repair.

To reach the high esthetic and utility level of surface we offer all available technologies making the best account of the both inland and external quality components.
Our company has gained a professional qualification in preparation,
production and technology of making (laying) floors.

We try to offer new products to our clients or to improve concurrently technologies every year. Our main spheres: industrial floors, skimming floors, epoxy and polyurethane floors, self-leveling floors, concrete floors, antistatic floors for explosive environment N1 and N2, cast overcoats, hydro insulation “XYPEX”, painting and penetration of surfaces, reconditioning and sanitation of old floors. Besides the steady profit and the constituency of contented clients we would also like to extend our service. Now-a-days we have a good working sale of large assortment of tools, equipments for tradesmen and welding techniques.

To improve the standard of service and to support our sale we are engaged in renting the best used electric and manual tools.